Grater Greens

Healthy Eating Made Easy With Grater Greens

You rarely hear “convenient” and “healthy” in the same sentence. I am personally always on the hunt for the perfect combination. I am here to tell you that Grater Greens has officially broken that mold! Healthy eating is made easier with Grater Greens. Located in the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego, Grater Greens is serving up fresh and delicious eats in a quick and convenient matter.

This beautiful and unique restaurant is perfect for any picky eater. With over 30 different vegetables to choose from, it is perfect for any dietary preference. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, or just enjoy healthy eating there are endless possibilities.


Each season they introduce delicious seasonal veggies that you can incorporate into any build your own creation. If you are not feeling creative, they also have delicious menu creations to choose from. Choose from grain-filled bowls or fresh salads, or turn any creation into a wrap. I am truly obsessed with the Apple Cranberry with blue cheese, chicken, and I always turn it into a wrap. It is the perfect way to enjoy fresh and delicious food with zero prep work!

Grater Greens Wrap Creation

The best part is the staff and owner are incredibly helpful and passionate about which dishes they create. The owner Maya is always there to greet customers and truly cares about everyone who comes in. She is always there to help her staff and customers. Seeing the owner working in the kitchen, side by side with her employees is refreshing and positive during these crazy times. So, if you are in the market for some great food made by great people, make sure to swing by Grater Greens.

Don’t forget to ask about their seasonal creations!

Grater Greens Sign

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